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I promise I’ll post something other than Gunnerkrigg Court characters facing to the left



Another thing for a drawthread.

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so what are your feelings on Modlcoth being confirmed for Gunnerkrigg Court

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does anyone remember that 4 month time span where tumblr was really into gunnerkrigg court or was that just me

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My first attempt at pixel art, using my favorite comic. I was just messing around and made a little Annie animation. Then I thought she looked lonely, so I made Kat. :3

I sort of based the style off of the Scott Pilgrim game sprites. These are enlarged versions. The actual sizes look like this.

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Paz’s dress is so cute!



Sometimes I see things that ain’t supposed to be there. When it gets bad things start to change. Like, for real.

Zimmy || Photographer

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Quick flat colors doodle because paz has the CUTEST dresses and i love them.

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here have a preview picture of my cosplay of zimmy from gunnerkrigg court! still editing pictures and stuff so here have this in the meantime!

Zimmy || Photographer

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a bad wip of a kat thinkin about robots—- bionic robots!

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