she's an angel


Whenever I see an art with Ryuko and Mako from Kill la Kill I couldn’t help thinking about Kat and Paz :D

Sorry for the shitty drawing, I’m totally not in art mood today!

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Look everyone, here she is!
Our visitor from the court!

antimony || photographer

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This is what I look like! These are pics of me working on a wig of someone not from gunnerkrigg (although I wouldn’t mind being kat one day).

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wip wip wip
Man, have I mentioned how much I love Kat?

I love Kat~~ So much~~~ <3 <3 <3 

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It’s always a good time to draw Paz and Kat.

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riebart liked your post: It’s my birthday today! I’m 16!

thank you!

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It’s my birthday today! I’m 16!

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paz and kat having a cute movie date or something

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don’t want you to be lonely..

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